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Fuck you DaciHOST

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Fuck you DaciHOST Empty Fuck you DaciHOST

Post by Cheeba on Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:52 pm

you get what you pay for plus more from this fucken cunt..

in a nutshell, i purchased hosting & domain from , nov 2016  - the cunt later drops my domain dec 2, and wont reply via seo clerks.
then nothing from him till i chase him up now on facebook to get this reply. Evil or Very Mad

Stay away from Dacihost

Fuck you DaciHOST Cunt_115Fuck you DaciHOST Cunt_213Fuck you DaciHOST Cunt_313Fuck you DaciHOST Cunt_413Fuck you DaciHOST Cunt_613Fuck you DaciHOST Cunt_713Fuck you DaciHOST Cunt_813Fuck you DaciHOST Cunt_914Fuck you DaciHOST Cunt_116

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