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Pollen Extractor Machine

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Pollen Extractor Machine Empty Pollen Extractor Machine

Post by Cheeba on Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:15 am

Finally, a Pollen Extractor Machine that makes separating the Pollen and Plant Material of your Special Medicinal Plants quick and easy

You no longer need to go through extended, complex or dangerous methods to get the pollen of your special plants separated from the plant material – these Pollen Extraction Machines do it all for you, in a clean, quick and easy way
When you want to grow and enjoy your special medicinal plants, you also want a special way to have them blossoming and to make your home growing experience simpler and more efficient.

Pollen Extractor Machine Pollenextractor_med_hr-2-300x200
That’s why we have developed a simple Pollen Extractor Machine – a quick, highly economical and very powerful device that allows you to separate:

· the pollen to cross breed different flower varieties

· the pollen to increase plant, vegetable and/or fruit productivity

· the pollen from the plant material for medicinal use

· the plant material for aromatherapy

Made of solid and robust stainless steel filters, with welded stainless steel micron meshes, this Pollen Extractor Machine handles both softer and harder plant material and has been made to last a long time – sized and designed to support both a lightweight or a very intensive use by home growers.

Making the most of your growing and enjoyment experience with your special medicinal plants has just become easier than ever. The special Pollen Extracting Machine that we’re offering you features:

· a unique stainless steel mesh tumbler filter that will not tear nor wear
· a stainless steel filter, which is pretty much indestructible and handles all kind of plant material, soft or hard

· a variable speed switch that allows you to change rotation speeds easily – according to your needs

· a simple cleaning that allows you to extract pollen and separate plant material over and over again

· an adapter to suit your wall socket type

· Free International Shipping for all deliveries

If you take your special plant home growing and enjoyment experience seriously and want to make it as great as it should be, click here to get the Pollen Extractor Machine that will take your experience to the next level.


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