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KUSHY Cannabis Finder

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KUSHY Cannabis Finder

Post by Cheeba on Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:56 pm

KUSHY is a Universal App where you can browse and post cannabis listings on the go.

-Find ANYTHING cannabis related,
Local Dispensaries,
Member to Member ads,
Services ,
Community Blog, and much more

-You can search for keywords,
Category or User names
Filter by Distance,
Most liked

-Chat with members Via their post’s page
-Post services or Items you want to sell or trade
-Besides uploading up to 3 images while posting an ad,
-App allows you to also upload a 10-second video
-Get Notified when someone text or responds to your ads
-Login with Facebook or email
-People will be able to see if a user is Verified or not by entering
his/her Profile screen.
-You will also able to send Feedbacks to sellers
-View Seller Feedback from other buyers
-Like and share ads
-Like ads to view later


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